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Fish measuring sticker helps Project Island Song

Date:  27 October 2010

Local and overseas fishers visiting the Bay of Islands are already helping Project Island Song – the pest-free islands in the eastern Bay of Islands - by using a tailor-made Ministry of Fisheries fish measurement guideline sticker.

Ministry of Fisheries Fish for the Future sticker. Click image to view larger (PDF, 570K).
Ministry of Fisheries Fish for the Future
sticker (view larger, PDF, 570K)

As the sticker says: “Many of our islands are now pest free. Please help keep them that way. Check your boat and gear for rats, mice and ants. Set bait or traps for these pests and report any sightings of pests on the islands to 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468).”

Guardians of the Bay of Islands (the community group behind Project Island Song) Chair, Fleur Corbett says, “It’s a win-win-win-win situation! Fishers get the up-to-date fish sizes, more fish are kept to maintain fishing stocks, the pest-free islands get help from fishers who are more aware about the need to keep their boats and gear pest-free; and the native birds have a better chance with less pests around. All we are asking the fishing public to do is to check their boat and gear for rats, mice and ants before they leave the mainland. These pests aren’t fussy, they’ll hitch a ride on clean boats and gear as well!”

Fishers going down to the Hauraki Gulf will also find this sticker useful as it reminds them about the need to check for stowaways to help protect the pest-free islands in that area such as Tiritirimatangi, Motutapu and Rangitoto.

Fish measuring stickers are available free from all good Bay of Islands fishing and dive shops or contact:

Helen Ough Dealy (for Bay of Islands area)
DOC Bay of Islands Biosecurity Advocacy Ranger
Phone: +64 9 403 9006

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