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Hollywood duo make generous gift to Kakapo Recovery

Date:  02 May 2012

Kakapo Recovery has been given valuable hi-definition video footage – shot by an Emmy award-winning crew on Whenua Hou/Codfish Island – to edit and use to promote the programme.

Producer/Director Mark Zavad and cinematographer Edward Dadulak, have each won three Emmy awards for their individual work. The pair was given special permission to travel to Whenua Hou/Codfish Island in December, where they shot footage for a documentary featuring high-profile Los Angeles vet Dr Attila Molnar.

The 40 minutes of donated raw footage was shot in hi-definition 1080i.

Kakapo Recovery advocacy ranger Karen Arnold said the team was overwhelmed by the gift.

“The footage alone would have cost thousands of dollars if we had commissioned such a project. But to have it shot by such talented and successful people – to do with as we please – is amazing.”

Ms Arnold said there was always a noticeable increase in interest and support for Kakapo Recovery when programmes about it were aired on television.

“We can’t begin to imagine how valuable this video will be once it’s been properly edited and we can use it to tell the story about this iconic New Zealand bird.”

Mark Zavad said the trio had been impressed by the Kakapo Recovery programme during their two-night stay on the island.

“Dr Molnar, Ed and myself really appreciate the work the group does. It’s our hope the footage will help Kakapo Recovery raise awareness of the plight of this incredible parrot.”

Three kakapo chicks. Photo: Don Merton.
Whenua Hou/Codfish Island kakapo chicks 

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