Close-up kākāpō feathers
Image: Sabine Bernert ©


Join Sirocco on Facebook and Twitter. This charismatic kākāpō is not only a national treasure, a living legend and a rockstar, but he's also New Zealand's official Spokesbird for conservation.


Sirocco photo: Chris Birmingham. Dusky Sound photo: Em Oyston.

An illness in his youth meant Sirocco had to be hand-raised and kept away from other kākāpō. As a result he doesn't know he's a bird, he thinks he's one of us.

Sirocco achieved fame following an incident on the BBC television series Last Chance to See, in which he attempted to mate with zoologist Mark Carwardine.

Subsequent featuring of the incident on television channels around the world and on YouTube resulted in Sirocco becoming internationally known.

In 2010 Sirocco was officially recognised as “Official Spokesbird for Conservation” by New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key.

Mr Key commented on Sirocco's "worldwide fan base" who "hang on every squawk that comes out of his beak" and said Sirocco would focus attention on the plight of endangered species.

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