Little Blue Penguin
Image: Chris Stevens | Creative Commons


Like many humans, kororā/little blue penguins prefer beachfront homes. You can look after our pint-sized neighbours by keeping Brighton Beach dog-free.


Look for the little blue penguin panel at Brighton Beach.

Kororā are the world's smallest penguin species, reaching just 25 cm tall and weighing only 1 kg. Kororā returned to nest at Brighton Beach in 2010, after an absence of 30 years. This makes their choosing our beach to nest even more special.

At dawn and dusk, these petite penguins will waddle to and from their seaside burrows, spending the day fishing at sea. Like us, kororā want to feel safe when they're commuting.

Dog attacks are the biggest threat to little blue penguin survival. By keeping our canine buddies under control and away from nesting sites, we can give our feathered fellow-beach-bums a seaside sanctuary and help ensure they keep coming back.

Protect little blue penguins by keeping dogs off the beach. If you see dogs misbehaving or owners disobeying rules contact:

Dunedin City Council Animal Services
Phone: +64 3 477 4000

For any injured wildlife, call 0800 DOC HOT.

You can also help by volunteering to control predators and restore habitat.

Volunteer in Otago

Did you know?

Their scientific name, Eudyptula, means "good little diver" – a fitting description of their hunting habits!

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