Motu Manawa-Pollen Island Marine Reserve
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The Motu Manawa-Pollen Island Marine Reserve protects 500 hectares of the inner reaches of Auckland's Waitemata Harbour.

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  • Bird and wildlife watching
  • Marine reserves
    Protect our marine reserves

    They are special places that protect the species and habitats within them.

    • No fishing of any kind
    • Don't take or kill marine life
    • Don't remove or disturb any marine life or materials
    • Don't feed fish - it disturbs their natural behaviour

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Bird watching

Motu Manawa-Pollen Island Marine Reserve hosts a range sea birds and waders. Birds you may spot include:

  • red-billed and black-backed gull
  • white-fronted and Caspian tern
  • godwit
  • knot
  • sandpiper
  • South Island pied oystercatcher
  • wrybill

Kayaking and canoeing

The best way to explore the marine reserve is by kayak or other small boat. Launch your kayak from the boat ramp at the end of Walker Rd in Point Chevalier.

The majority of the reserve is very tidal, so watch out you don't get stuck in the mud!

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    About this place

    Getting there

    The reserve is bounded to the south by the industrial suburb of Rosebank Peninsula and to the east by residential Waterview.

    There is access to the inner parts of the reserve around Traherne Island on the southern side of the motorway.

    This area can be explored at mid-high tide or from a few shoreline points (arrowed on the map) where side roads from Great North Road lead to esplanade reserves, with dinghy access at Walker Rd.

    There are good views from the Northwestern Motorway (Te Atatu exit). Stopping on the motorway is not permitted.

    Know before you go

    • The taking or killing of fish, crustaceans (eg. crabs, shrimps prawns), shell-fish (eg. snails, mussels, oysters, and clams such as cockles and pipis), seaweed or any other marine life within the marine reserve is a legal offence under the Marine Reserves Act.
    • Boats, including jet skis, must not exceed five knots within 200 m of land (including shell banks) within the marine reserve area.
    • Dogs are not allowed in the marine reserve area because they endanger rare birds.
    • Do not disturb wildlife. This is their home.

    Non-compliance with these conditions may result in prosecution.

    Fishing is prohibited

    Map showing GPS boundary points.
    View larger map of reserve boundaries (PDF, 55K)

    Fishing of any kind is an offence in this marine reserve, as is the taking or disturbing of any marine life, including shellfish and seaweeds. It is also an offence to take any part of the seafloor. This includes taking home any shells or rocks you may have collected from the beach.

    Help us stop offenders

    Marine reserves are managed by the DOC. Surveillance and enforcement is carried out by DOC rangers.

    The success of the reserve depends on caring and vigilant visitors. If you see people taking fish or other marine life within the marine reserve, report this or any other offence to the DOC consevation emergency hotline 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468).

    Reserve boundaries

    Boundary GPS points (WGS 84)
    1. 36 51 34.9972 S, 174 39 30.7791 E
    2. 36 51 05.4908 S, 174 39 49.7934 E
    3. 36 51 05.5138 S, 174 40 18.0521 E
    4. 36 52 17.9121 S, 174 41 31.8604 E
    5. 36 52 19.3827 S, 174 41 49.9898 E
    6. 36 52 21.3295 S, 174 41 50.5534 E

    Use the WSG84 coordinates and map provided to ensure you do not fish within the boundaries of Motu Manawa-Pollen Island Marine Reserve.


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