Find out how to buy the special licence needed for fishing in the Taupo district, including latest fees and licence agents.

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Get your fishing licence before your first trip for the season. The Taupo fishing season begins 1 July each year.

You can buy your Taupo fishing licence online or buy in person from a licence agent. 

Fishing licence district

Licences are for the Lake Taupo district only and do not cover Fish & Game areas.

The Lake Taupo district is Lake Taupo and the tributaries flowing into Lake Taupo, including:

  • Waikato River to Huka Falls
  • Lake Kuratau
  • Lake Rotoaira (an access permit is also required for this privately owned lake) 1
  • Moawhango
  • Otamangakau

Check that you are fishing in the Lake Taupo district, as described above, before purchasing a licence.

Fishing licence fees

Licences for the Taupo district are available in the following categories (all GST-inclusive)

2016/17 licence fees in NZ dollars
Adult season $90.00
Adult week $38.00
Adult 24 hour $17.00
Child season 2 $12.50
Child 24 hour $4.50

1 Access permits for Lake Rotoaira can be purchased from the following;

  • Creel Tackle House and Cafe 189 Taupahi Rd, Turangi
  • Turangi i-SITE Ngawaka Pl, Turangi
  • The Store State Highway 1, Te Rangiita, Turangi.
  • Lake Rotoaira Campground State Highway 46, Lake Rotoaira, Turangi

2 Child means a person who is:

  • under the age of 16 years; or
  • 16 years of age or older and attending school full time as a student.
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